just like kevin bacon

"I wasn’t born to have a mother." - I Killed My Mother (2009)

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A very confused Xabi Alonso during a post match German interview

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Is he different?

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shout out to all the gay girls in love with straight girls y’all are warriors

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people think footballers are so cool because they have more money than god but remember that nando and kun have lord of the rings tattoos, oscar had a mcdonalds themed 22nd birthday party and chicharito probably plays world of warcraft in his downtime

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your fave is problematic: marius pontmercy


  • thought napoleon bonaparte was cool
  • talks to cabbages
  • left a 15 page letter on his love interests garden bench
  • best friend is elderly plant man
  • once wore a highly unfashionable green/black combo
  • qualified to be a lawyer (bahorel will tell u that this is v problematic) 
  • likes the smell of old mens handkerchiefs

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